SRSG in ZDM Mathematics Education

SRSG members recently collaborated on a special issue of ZDM Mathematics Education that addressed spatial reasoning in geometry in primary school (Volume 47, Issue 3, June 2015). These papers investigated spatial reasoning and its connection to school mathematics in general and school geometry in particular; the function of drawing in the construction of geometric meaning; the role of digital technologies; the importance of transformational geometry in the curriculum (including symmetry as well as the isometries); and, the possibility of extending primary school geometry from its typical emphasis on vocabulary (naming and sorting shapes by properties) to working on the composing/decomposing, classifying, comparing and mentally manipulating both two- and three-dimensional figures. Issue editors and SRSG members Nathalie Sinclair and Cathy Bruce discussed these opportunities in the context of historical developments in the nature and relevance of school geometry. SRSG member Joanne Mulligan and Jaguthsing Dindyal provided commenting papers on the collection of papers. Access to the special issue may be obtained here